About us

The Museum is a world-class institution that presents historic storytelling in a unique format. Its concept of an event-based history museum, interweaving contextual stories around original collections, sets it apart from traditional object-based museums in the country. Within its walls, the captivating story of Rashtrapati Bhavan unfolds through virtual and augmented reality, interactive digital cascading tables, video walls, three-dimensional stereoscopic projections, holographic projections, and sound-light-video synchronized stage settings. This digital storytelling approach ensures accessibility for all visitors.

Moreover, the Museum distinguishes itself by its deep sensitivity to heritage issues. Spanning an impressive 11,000 square meters, the space has been meticulously designed and constructed completely underground while preserving the architectural legacy of the structures above.

As the latest technology-supported, visitor-interactive storytelling museum in the country, the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum provides an immersive experience like no other